Largest Ransomware Attack in History

Dr Irving Hofman

This past weekend has seen the largest ever Cryptolocker-style ransom attack in history, crippling many large organisations worldwide including the NHS in the UK and FedEx. The global reach and scale of this attack is unprecedented.

On 7 March I wrote on our blog: "It appears that 2017 is going to be a year where antivirus software alone isn't going to offer enough protection and needs to be combined with other systems to provide adequate protection."

My worst fears came to fruition over the past weekend with the largest ever ransomware attack aptly called WannaCry. What made this one so bad is that it utilised a worm functionality to spread the infection automatically. More details here:

Thankfully most of my clients use Cisco Umbrella for DNS protection. It was one of the few systems that blocked WannaCry even on unpatched Windows systems.

Anyone not using DNS protection for their systems is asking for trouble.

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