Solutions for a Remote Workforce

Iby Boztepe

We are living through unprecedented times with the global COVID-19 pandemic, which is having a significant impact on all of us – how we live and how we work. At Exigence, we are very conscious of the seriousness of COVID-19 and first and foremost, our thoughts are with those who have been directly impacted by the virus.

We have been closely monitoring the situation, keeping our staff safe, while maintaining business continuity so that we can fully support our customers during this time. We can help our customers with critical technology that helps address the challenges organisations are facing as employees are increasingly working from home.

We understand that the Biotech/MedTech/Life-Sciences sectors are currently under immense pressure to stay viable and continue operating. With mandated social distancing and the need to work from home, remaining appropriately connected to your staff and business systems is critical. All the while doing so in a secure, productive and affordable manner.

Ask yourself:

  • Do you have secure remote (VPN) access to all of your company resources?
  • Do you have sufficient bandwidth for everyone to access your resources at the same time?
  • Are the computers your staff are using to work from home sufficiently protected from cyber attacks? How secure is the home network?
  • How have you virtualised your team collaboration/conferencing/communication activities?
  • Have you mapped what your critical services are and who performs them? Can critical staff still perform their duties when working from home? e.g. payroll
  • Is IT support available to staff while working from home? Can IT support resolve all issues remotely?

Local IT support available to all Biotech/MedTech/Life-Sciences sectors

Exigence has been at the forefront of supporting the sector, proudly partnering with ASD’s Joint Cyber Security Centre and many leading vendors. We are offering:

  • IT support for all ‘Work From Home’ staff, through our Managed IT and Security Services program. Our Melbourne based IT Helpdesk is operating at full capacity and ready to assist with any IT matters.
  • Employing the most advanced remote support tools allows us to solve 99% of all queries remotely thus adhering to strict social distancing guidelines.
  • Assistance with getting staff onboard with Office 365, Microsoft Teams, OneDrive/SharePoint and other collaborative tools.
  • Assistance with Video and Audio Conferencing setup using Office 365.

This is a challenging time for all of us, and we’re in uncharted waters. But we’re in this together, and together we’ll get through this. Exigence is here to support you and help our customers address the unique challenges they are facing during these trying times. Just because your staff are working from home, does not mean you need to compromise your business continuity, information security, productivity, connectivity, or investor assurance.

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