Need to Spend Less and get more value out of IT?

Vlad Tsyrlin

Need to Spend Less and get more value out of IT? It's essential for organisations to realise cost savings in these unprecedented times. While this may seem like a challenge to some, Exigence is helping our clients do just that. This is achieved by better utilisation of cloud platforms when staff are working form home. At the same time security risks can be significantly reduced by replacing legacy technology with next generation tools.

Need to Spend Less and get more value out of IT?

  • Cost savings for IT services - Stop and take notice!
  • Critical times call for critical cost reduction measures.

Decreasing IT helpdesk service costs

Unlike many mainstream IT support models, Exigence do not charge upfront for support. You only pay for the support you use. We also promptly address your IT issues to increase your productivity and thus save you even more money. Issues which remain unresolved for days or even weeks can cause significant loss of productivity.  

Our collective expertise allows us to streamline and automate your IT operations far better than a resource stretched in-house IT department.

You use the cloud, but are you paying too much for it?

Time and time again, we see clients sign up with multiple cloud vendors without full understanding of the capabilities and options available. Quite often this results in service overlap and unnecessary increased costs. A common example is Office 365 users also utilising Dropbox and Zoom. By utilising the SharePoint, OneDrive and Teams services that are already included with Office 365 (and which you are already paying for), you will save on recurring monthly vendor and support costs. Exigence works with you to identify such redundancies and consolidate your costs.

Replacing legacy technology with next generation tools

Ineffective security, insufficient control of users and computers, and outdated security tools negatively impacts your bottom line and results in higher support costs. So while the tools you use may seem cheap, the total cost of ownership is high.

Being on the forefront with the Australian Signals Directorate's security hardening initiatives, Exigence will replace your legacy, ineffective tools with the most effective security solutions currently available. Replacing your old-school antivirus software with next generation AI based software, not only protects you from ransomware and cryptoware attacks, but it also decreases your expensive remediation costs. The same approach extends to your firewall and remote access systems

As an Exigence client, you can realise benefits immediately without any additional investments in learning, trial costs, or failed deployment costs. Our highly qualified teams ensure these solutions are implemented, monitored and maintained at the lowest possible total cost.

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