State Sponsored Cyber Threats Announced Today

Vlad Tsyrlin

Undoubtedly you are well aware of the ongoing cyber-attacks as covered extensively in the media and as announced today by our Prime Minister.

With that in mind, the government has identified (here) areas that require our immediate attention:

  1. Multi-factor authentication for all critical applications.
  2. Prompt patching of Internet-facing software, operating systems and devices.
  3. Proactive threat hunting for indications of compromise.
  4. Alignment with ASD Essential Eight controls.

While our clients are already at this level of maturity, our concern is for the rest of the industry where a number of smaller organisations could be affected due to lack of resources or expertise.

We would be more than happy to help any company requiring assistance as a matter of urgency. We understand that some businesses might have limited resources due COVID-19 but would willing to work with you to assist. Last thing we want to see is an Australian Biotech / Life Sciences organisation make the news headlines for all the wrong reasons.

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