Unlike most other IT service providers, we don’t work off a menu of service offerings. Our approach is always holistic and our solutions are bespoke. We begin with a thorough analysis of your requirements, after which we design a solution and explain it to you in plain English. We then meticulously plan how we’re going to implement it before doing the grunt work. Once implemented, we monitor, maintain and support it.

CTO as a Service

Many organisations do not have a CTO as it's not a full-time role. Exigence can collaborate with stakeholders to analyse your requirements and make critical decisions that will affect the future outcome of your business. Once these decisions and associated technology choices are made, we can plan to execute your chosen strategy to achieve your objectives. For larger organisations that already have a CTO in-house, we can provide a second opinion to give you confidence in your decision.

Project Management

Exigence possesses a deep knowledge and understanding of all IT areas, allowing us to select the right technology optimised for your project. Our project management team will effectively collaborate with all your stakeholders and vendors to ensure everyone is on the same page. We meticulously plan, control and monitor every aspect of a project to ensure a 100% success rate. With Exigence at your side, you will avoid the errors that your competitors are making.

Managed Services

Exigence can proactively monitor and manage your IT infrastructure to maintain optimal performance of your equipment and software. The traditional notion of waiting for a problem to occur before reacting is fraught with danger as it leads to downtime and loss of productivity. Managed services allow you to operate with confidence that your IT systems are unlikely to fail and that the performance of your systems are always at their peak. It's our commitment to your business that gives you peace of mind.


Our helpdesk offers an awesome level of service that others simply can't beat. We don't operate under the usual Level 1 to 3 support tiers as this causes much frustration to the end user as issues are escalated from one person to the next. All our IT go-to-guys are highly trained to address any desktop, networking or server issues that arise. All our staff possess extraordinary technical skills and a deep knowledge of information technology.


The importance of cyber security cannot be underestimated. A holistic approach which covers both technology and people is required. Areas often overlooked include smartphones, tablets and social engineering. All organisations are at risk of malware infection, brute force attacks and hackers. ASIO advises that the biotech/pharma/healthcare industry is being specifically targeted in Australia and round the world. Exigence can assist your organisation to implement best practice systems and risk management. We constantly keep up-to-date with the guidelines produced by the Defense Signals Directorate to ensure that your systems are properly protected. All systems should be designed with security in mind from the outset and not tacked on afterwards.

Vendor Management

Exigence is your single point of contact to effectively and efficiently manage all your third-party service providers. We can also assist you to evaluate prospective vendors and negotiate vendor contracts. Maximising the value derived from IT vendors is key to delivering efficient IT services. The increasing use of mission-critical cloud services means that vendors are now playing a fundamental role in the delivery of IT services to the end-user. Exigence will ensure that chosen vendors are compliant with your organisation's security, compliance and risk management policies.


An IT audit involves an in-depth analysis of your IT infrastructure and processes including line of business applications, IT plans and IT related staff. The aim is to highlight deficiencies and make practical recommendations to address areas of concern. The end result is a comprehensive written report detailing deficiencies and offering tangible solutions. It forms your strategic business IT action plan and a road-map for the future. An IT audit is critical to achieving a stable, efficient IT infrastructure that meets your business requirements.

IT Governance, Risk and Compliance

Translating the myriad of compliance and risk management requirements into tangible IT systems that comply with regulatory standards is a complex undertaking. Bridging the gap between high-level specifications and implementable solutions requires a great deal of understanding of both IT systems and regulatory compliance standards such as CFR 21 F11. We are familiar with IT standards defined by various regulatory bodies such as APRA, HEPPA, FDA, TGA, EHR, etc. Exigence is an expert in implementing GxP systems that are qualified, validated and production ready for any future audits. We will ensure that your mission critical systems are commissioned in accordance with the required standards and your change control and risk management practices.

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Cloud Solutions

The "Cloud" has disrupted the traditional concept of on-premise IT infrastructure. The notion of "cheap to start" and "cheap to trial" are some of the key benefits delivered by cloud solutions. Over the past five years, the delivery of cloud services has drastically matured. Exigence is an expert in hybrid cloud, where there is a balance of cloud and locally hosted solutions. An understanding of key cloud paradigms such as platform as a service, infrastructure as a service, and software as a service, ensures that we choose the right solution for your requirements. We ensure that your cloud services adhere to your risk management and regulatory compliance standards. Exigence has invested heavily in managed cloud services to ensure integration of disparate cloud services into a single, seamless, workable infrastructure. We abstract the technical aspects to deliver the services your business requires. The cloud has simply become another tool we use to solve your problems.

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