Cloud Solutions

Whether you are looking to deploy a new workload or looking to take your existing workloads to the cloud, Exigence can help your organisation leverage the power of the cloud and move away from expensive on-premise hardware refresh cycles.

It's not a secret that biotech and pharma organisations have been slow in adopting cloud computing due to overarching regulatory and compliance issues. This in turn limits collaboration and interaction between various entities involved in trials, testing and development. To make a successful transition, organisations need an IT partner that is well versed not only in regulatory requirements but on the forefront of cloud technology.

Before you commit resources to another hardware refresh cycle or sign up for another in-house run application, stop and consider how new technology can benefit your organisation in all facets of business. Multi-site collaboration, data sharing, data security, resilience and disaster recovery are all afforded through cloud-computing at a fraction of a traditional cap-ex heavy investment that's usually required for such resource-intensive projects.

Last but not least, moving away from traditional on-premise server based computing infrastructure changes the usual dependency of day-to-day operations on IT departments and regular "up-keep" of server systems. By definition, cloud computing abstracts hardware layer maintenance from the user, making organisations nimble and less dependent on local conditions.


There is no limit as to what services/systems can be implemented using cloud computing.  Regardless of the legacy systems you utilise, there is an equivalent cloud system that can be employed to solve the problem better and cheaper! Over the past few years, Exigence has commissioned a number of cloud-based systems to solve different problems posed by our clients. From basic backup  storage to a complete IT infrastructure. Some of the more commonly requested services are listed below.


Biotech and pharma organisations rely heavily on collaborative relationships. People that contribute to a particular project are commonly located in different states, countries or even continents. Using readily accessible cloud resources Exigence can commission secure systems that allow users to collaborate utilising day-to-day productivity tools and line-of-business applications. All information is stored online so everyone can be on the same page, no matter where they are.


All Exigence solutions and services offer a comprehensive range of security strategies and tools to protect your data. We implement best-practice identity and access management (IAM) controls and also leverage multi-factor authentication (MFA). The networks are highly secure and fully encrypted. Networking is done via private subnets through a virtual private cloud (VPC). Additional security services for highly-compliant workloads are also offered.


Exigence offers a lot more than just cloud managed services – we can support workloads that require a high-level of compliance. We ensure the workloads that require compliance (such as SOX & HIPAA) are secure and compliant in the public cloud. Exigence ensures that your cloud services are structured and delivered in line with your compliance and regulator requirements.

Cloud Assessment & Roadmap

A Cloud Assessment identifies your organisational requirements for security, functionality, process changes, workload readiness and fit, application rationalisation and financial impact. Once the data and requirements are compiled, your "cloud roadmap" will serve as a guide for your journey to the cloud.

Architecture Design

Our cloud architecture design leverages our proven reference architectures for the public cloud. We make sure you can maintain your standards, controls, availability, and performance requirements while also staying within your forecasted spend.

Cloud Migration

Exigence can plan and manage the entire process for your cloud migration, so you can quickly and accurately migrate your workloads to the public cloud with minimal effort.

Cloud Technology Partner

Every organisation needs a technology partner that can guide you through the vast array of online offerings, help to discern facts from fiction. By becoming your technology partner, we can help you leverage new cloud technologies, significantly reduce costs and improve your productivity.